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Windmill Crusaders

Roll Dice, Build Character

About Windmill Crusaders

Stories and Memories!

Windmill Crusaders are a team of creatives, trying to tackle the big challenge of making things that help families and friends tell wonderous stories and build exciting memories together! We do this with Books, Games, and Art!

In this busy and complex world, we're kind of tilting at windmills, but we think that it's something worth crusading for!

Our Interests

Our Interests

We, at Windmill Crusaders, are busy tilting at lots of different windmills. We have a very creative and exciting team, and we all work to bring together our ideas. Here's what we've got so far:

  • The Hero's Tale - Our flagship product, a table-top role-playing system that's streamlined, story-driven, and family-friendly. Already in its second edition, more settings, scenarios, and supplements are on the way. 

  • A Tale of Heroes - An exciting and touching series of fantasy novels and stories set in Wynne, the sample world of the RPG. 

  • The Queen's Game - A new fantasy novella by Jacob R Hansen!

  • Wyrmheist - A quick and fun press-your-luck dice game. Can you steal the dragon's eggs before she wakes up and flames you?

  • Seeker's Quest - A collectible card game based on the scriptures of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Strategy and significance! A second cardset is in the playtest phase!

  • Unseen - A new upcoming strategy game with unique mechanics based on sight and free movement!

In addition, we're making new stuff

  • Original art - Our design department is full of brilliant artists!

  • Learn to cook - Famed dwarven fantasy chef Golmen will teach you how to cook!

  • Family games - New titles in development, like, "Hey, Watch This!"' and "Magic v Monsters"

  • Much more!


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