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We Are Windmill Crusaders

We're all about making creative games and stories that bring families and friends closer together.

Windmill Crusaders got its start in 2014 when Mark Hansen and his two sons, Jacob and Brendon, started playing their new system for table-top role-playing. Later dubbed "The Hero's Tale" and published, they have gone on to add many other creative works, like the scriptural collectible card game "Seeker's Quest", the fast playing family dice game "Wyrmheist", and Mark's fantasy novel series "A Tale of Heroes". The most recent addition to the lineup is Jacob R Hansen's debut novella "The Queen's Game"!

Check back here often, and we'll keep you updated on new projects! We have way more ideas than we have time or money to develop, but we keep workin' on 'em anyway!

What We Are Working on

Seeker's Quest, Title of Liberty

3/7/23 We've been really excited as new Book of Mormon art work has been coming in by commission! This new set is going to be epic!

New Stories! "The Queen's Game" by Jacob R Hansen

3/7/23 The cover image for Jacob's debut novella is almost done! In another week or so, the book will be published and available on Amazon! Watch this space!

A Tale of Heroes, Book 4: "Of Gods and Dragons

3/7/23 Writing continues steadily, and scenes and drawings are going up on the blog weekly! The politics of Wynne is starting to heat up! 

The Hero's Tale: Terrawild

8/20/22 - We're working hard on this setting manual for The Hero's Tale: An anthromorph world where people are animals! In the land of Accord, the predators and prey have reached a peace agreement. We'll see just how long it lasts...

Currently, we're working on the descriptions and lore of the various "awakened" species on the continent, and shaping the historical timeline. We've also tested a few adventures, and it's a fun setting! Look for more news weekly and a release in 2023!

Meet the Team


Find us at conventions!

We love to go to game and other types of conventions in Utah. You can find us frequently at Timpcon, Saltcon, Eagle Mountain Farmer's Market, and the Lehi Farmer's Market! We also occasionally show up at other locations such as Salt Lake FanX, so keep an eye out for us and our updates of where we will be! There we have exclusive cards and dice made personally by us!


We’d Love to Work With You

We have many games in the works and not enough time to test all of them! Soon, you will be able to join us in discord to test some of our upcoming projects and let us know what you think of them!

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