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THT2E cover draft.png
THT2E cover draft.png

The Hero's Tale

Fantasy Role-Playing for Family and Friends

Roll Dice, Build Character!

The Hero's Tale is an exciting new role-playing game system for family and friends. It's more streamlined and simplified, less "rules-heavy" than many other systems, so as a result, it's MUCH more story-driven, and character-focused. This is beyond the old-school hack-and-sack world of wandering murder hobos! 


Products in The Hero's Tale:

The Hero's Tale
This is the basic rules and reference guide. This, a pencil, and a d20 are everything you need to start playing!  In includes a short sample adventure module, and lore for a land to begin in! There are even sample characters so you can jump right into a story!
The Tale of the Bell Tower Drakes
Drakes have infested the bell tower of an old church-turned library. Your adventuring team is hired to clear them out! Can you do it without letting all the books burn? Be careful, a rival team wants to muscle in on the action!
A one- or two-session adventure module for novice tier characters. 
Roll Dice, Build Character
Thoughts on Faith, Family, and Fantasy Role-Playing Games
There is a rich and surprisingly controversial history to RPGs! At one point, many considered them to be the work of the devil! What are they like now, and how can a smart parent use these games to teach real life skills to their kids, in a way that doesn't feel like a lecture?
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