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Seeker's Quest is a collectable card game based on scripture of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(not endorsed). The game uses scriptures from the scripture mastery program, as well as quotes from general authorities and further scriptural verses.

Each card in your hand is a verse of scripture. Take those verses from your hand and play them onto the tabletop into chapters. Verses build into chapters, and chapters merge into Books. As you complete books, draw blessings until you're a winner!

After the game, join the community and sign each other's facilitator cards! Play as many games as you can and share it to rank up!

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This set of cards pulls from the scripture mastery verses, with enough cards for two people to play out of the box. 

The cards found within this version also have simpler rules, allowing for an easier experience learning to play the game.

The Scripture Mastery set comes with enough cards for four players to play out of the box, and pulls from a set of all scripture mastery cards. It is the main set of the game, and no rules have been simplified for this version. 

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Booster Packs

Check out our 18 card booster packs to expand your collection and game! Get more powerful cards with the Power Booster or unique cards based on general authorities from the Latter-Day Voices Boosters!

Premade Decks

There are currently 3 premade decks available for purchase. These decks are designed by us for a single player, based around a single mechanic. These include the Quote Deck, the Fasting Deck, and the Work and Glory of God Deck.


Get these cards exclusively from finding us at events!


What's Next?

Next up for Seeker's Quest we are working on a new set based entirely on Book of Mormon verses! Specifically it will focus on what is known as "The War Chapters" and has been given the name "The Title of Liberty" set!

Keep up with our updates on the blog!

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