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Introducing our newest book, the debut novel of Jacob R Hansen!

In a world where a mad queen seeks to rule all, Alicia's family is killed before her eyes and she is thrust into the midst of a very different life on the run with her uncle. 

Marcus yearns for adventure, excitement and romance, but what kind of opportunity will present itself?


Alicia, a young elf Princess, sees her family killed by the mad queen Moira. She flees with her uncle, trying to find safety. Marcus, a young human, dreams of adventure beyond the walls of his mother’s pub. Konna, a half-elf soldier woman leaves her command to find her father in the human lands. Xander is a retired human officer laden with guilt. He is on this journey to make amends and keep Alicia safe.

What happens when these players meet? Will they be strong enough to topple a tyrant?

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